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Crystal Drain & Plumbing Technicians are among the best of the best. While we’re equipped to handle almost any residential plumbing or commercial need, here are some of the most requested services from our GTA customers. FOR IMMEDIATE 24/7 SERVICES, CALL US AT  647-686-4566

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Main Drain

We provide drain repair and replacement services. If excavation is needed, we’ll make sure the process is as painless as possible.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair

Whatever your trechless pipe need to be repaired or replaced, Crystal Drain of Toronto will get the job done using whatever method is best for your situation.

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Backwater Valve

According to Toronto building code, all new constructions need backwater valves installed. Call Crystal Drain & Plumbing to get it done!

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Water entering the basement from the outside? Do not wait until it is a bigger problem. Call Crystal Drain & Plumbing for your immidate quote.

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Lowering & Underpinning

Basement lowering will give your home a complete makeover. However, it is a huge job that will affect the overall structure of your home and you have to do it right.

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Drain Cleaning

Your drain cleaning begins with a comprehensive inspection of your plumbing system that allows Crystal Plumbing technicians to provide you with a detailed quote that suits best of your home or business.

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Power Flushing

Crystal Drain & Plumbing performs the power flushing with chemicals and high water pressure that ensure that the cleaning is thorough.

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Commercial Services

We understand business cannot afford to waste any time on plumbing system. We provides top-notch commercial plumbing maintenance and solutions.

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General Services

Here at Crystal Drain & Plumbing, our crew offers everything you would expect from a standard plumber, and much more.

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About Us

Welcome to Crystal Drain & Plumbing

Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area Crystal Drain & Plumbing is the only call you need to make if your home is experiencing water where water should not be. Whatever the task, large or small, our focus is on service excellence and craftsmanship in both materials and installation. We are committed to prompt, professional and on-time service! For efficiency and quality, go with the local company that’s served thousands of happy customers in GTA for more than 10 years.

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