Backwater Valve Toronto Repairs

At Crystal Drain & Plumbing our technicians have been serving homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area for over 5 years. We repair any kind of issue related with your backwater valve of your place, in reasonable prices.

What is a Backwater Valve

First of all, a backwater valve is installed to prevent sewer waste from mixing with your fresh water intake. As a result, the water is allowed to flow in only one direction and when water tries to come down the pipe in the wrong direction it closes. Therefore, is preventing the flow of water into your home and potentially saves you from costly and damaging backups.
Backwater Valve Installation
In addition, installing a backwater valve is a painless and easy process done by our technicians. So if you live in the City of Toronto there is a potential $1,250 rebate for the installation of a backwater valve. There are also a few different insurance agencies that offer discounts on policies for homes that contain a backwater valve.

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