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Ever notice how your showerhead becoming worse day by day? How the water comes slower out of it? Well, this can indicate a build up of residue and minerals in your shower head. Hence, it is best to clean it out. But, is cleaning shower heads something you don’t know how to do? It isn’t something that everyone would know. Yet, don’t despair, cause we can help you out.

There are several ways of cleaning your showerhead, the common being using a vinegar solution.

1 – Gathering the things you need

Before you being anything, you need to get the equipment and supplies you need for the task. Ideally you want a bucket, but a container of any sorts can work, even a sealable plastic bag. You need white vinegar, a brush, pliers or a wrench, and a cleaning rag.

2 – Removing the shower head

The common way of removing the shower head is by twisting it in the counterclockwise direction. If you have trouble with it, use the pliers or wrench along with the cloth. Use the rag to cover the connecting nut, then use the wrench to remove the nut. Here is a video done by a Youtube channel showing how to remove a shower head.

3 – Place the shower head in the solution

Heat up some of the distilled white vinegar. Afterwards, have the showerhead in the container, and pour the solution till it covers the shower head. The acid in the vinegar will dissolve the mineral deposits in the showerheads. Have it sit in the solution overnight.

4 – Cleaning the shower head

Rinse it once you take it out of the solution. You should see mineral flakes rinsing off. Take the brush and scrub it as well to remove any flakes that might be stuck. The final step is to plug it back and have water run through it to have it properly cleaned.

That is how cleaning shower heads is done! However, if you have more questions, or confused about what to do. Do not hesitate to give us a call us at (647) 686-4566. Furthermore, you can just contact us!

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