Drain Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Although drain maintenance can be scary for most homeowners, it is only because there is not a lot of information that is shared with the average homeowner. But fear not because a little knowledge can go a long way, which will help save money and time in the future. 

First, there are 3 items that can be used for a blockage depending on the size of the clog. All can be located at a local hardware store. There are hand held drill-style drain cleaners, used for moderate stubborn blockage. Also, a Power drain cleaning machine, which is for bigger blockages. Finally, liquid drain cleaners which is usually used in homes to breakdown buildup in the drains. If you would like to create a cheap DIY environment-friendly drain cleaner that saves time and money, visit LeasidePlumbing.ca.

Furthermore, removing your building trap if you have one is something that can sufficiently help avoid a very big problem in the future. Call a plumber if you see you have this in your drainage system.

Second, when a floor drain is not used for a long time the water may evaporate which creates a really bad smell. So, just add water to the drain every once and a while in order to keep foul odors from filling your home.

Finally, a drain cleanout is very necessary for drain maintenance. A plumber is needed in order to install a removable drain cover but it is worth it, since it makes it easier for you or the plumber to check and see what the problem is with your drains in the future (which saves time and money).