Sump Pump

How A Sump Pump Works

Many of our customers do not understand what a sump pump is. Which is a problem, considering living in Toronto, and by extension, Canada requires some houses to have sump pumps. Here at Crystal Drain, located in Toronto, we understand this issue more than anyone else. We will answer that as well as how sump pumps work. It is an important tool that some homes require and have. Furthermore, it can save you lots of money if installed properly.

What essentially a sump pump is a pump installed in a basement or crawlspace of your house. It is there to prevent flooding and keep your basement dry and free of water. They are built in a pit and water flows from the pit using the pump through drains. The pump directs water out and away from the building. However, there is more to it.

How They Work

basement flood
basement flood

When a pump is installed in your house. A hole is cut in the floor, and the pump is placed in the pit that is dugged out. The pit can be 30 inches in depth and 18-24 inches in width. The pipe fitted onto the pump is directed away from the foundation of your house. Worried it might flow back? The pipe itself has a valve which prevents backflow which can cause severe damage to your house.

The pump itself is usually electric and is powered by the electricity running throughout your house. It can come in two different types, the first one being one that you can submerge in the tank, whereas the other is one that is outside of the tank. There is a fan-like device in both pumps that push water through it.

Sump Pumps Help Flooding

Say you have a flood, rainfall, or even water that is from melting snow. It will flow down into the sump pit through the cracks of your basement walls. There will be a floater in it, which activates the pump once it reaches a certain level.

If a flood, rainfall, or water from melting snow occurs, it flows into the sump pit through cracks in walls. The pump is activated by a float, like ones you find in a toilet. Once the water reaches a certain level, the pump activates and starts pushing water outside from the pit.

If you have more questions about sump pump or would like to consider installing a sump pump. Do not hesitate to contact us!