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5 cheap ways to unclog a shower Drain in 2020 – Tips and Tricks

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Many people are troubled by a clogged shower drain. There seem to be no end to these mundane, annoying experiences just like going to the dentist and taking a driving test. However, there are ways to unclog a shower drain! It is useful to learn about some ways to unclog a shower drain as a clogged drain can lead to mold development and flooding, burst or leaking pipes. If you find yourself standing in dirty and soapy water, here are some ways to solve this problem:

Pour Boiling Water

Boil a pot of water on the stove and make sure it is easy to handle for transporting around. Then pour the water down the drain slowly. Use a funnel to protect anything else in the tub.

Wait fifteen minutes and try to run water from the tap. The heat should melt the grease or soap that build up in the drain. Move on to the next solution if it does not work.

Pull Out the Clog

Using your hands to get the clog out can be a very quick and easy way to unclog the drain. First, wear a rubber glove and remove the drain cover. Some drains need you to take out the screw at the middle and sometimes you can pry the drain cover off with a screwdriver. Next, look inside the drain to see where is the clog with a flashlight.  If you can reach the clog, pull it out with your hands, if not, go to the next solution.

Use A Plunger

The next thing you want to do us dislodge the clog with a plunger. Use a classic plunger for shower drain, and add water to the tub or shower to sumerage the cup’s end, which helps with suction.

Press the cup down to get a seal, and you can start to plunge. By plunging, you crate suction inside the drain that can dislodge clogs, but it will not always work as deep and entrenched clogs could not be removed. After plunging, if the water still builds up with the tap on, consider the next way.

Use Drain Cleaner

Remember to not use chemical drain cleaners, because they can damage pipes and hardware severely. You should try a safe at-home cleaners by following these steps:

Pour a cup of baking soda in your drain and pour a cup of vinegar after several minutes. Wait for an hour or two to get them mix. The two should create a fizzing reaction that clear clogs, then you can boil some water to clear remaining clogs.

Call the Professionals

After trying all the methods, it is possible that the clogs are still there. Now you can call a professional drain cleaning service to clean up the stubborn clogs.
There can be many options to clear clogs. Some high quality plumbing companies have hydro-jetting and camera inspections. These can remove clogs and check the cause of the drain so that you can prevent the next one.
Please call us if you need experienced drain cleaning service, we promised to offer you the quickest solutions for your shower drain.

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