Main Drain Cleaner & Repair

Drain Cleaner

Over time blockages occur in your pipes. They can range either as small clogs in your sink or as larger blockages in your main sewer line. Due to these blockages can be very problematic to your plumbing system and need to be dealt with, and in most cases chemicals do little to nothing to remove the underlying issues. If you require drain cleaner in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond do not hesitate, call Crystal Drain & Plumbing to have an experienced plumber get your drain in working order.

Drain Repair

Because older homes were typically built with clay pipes,  they probably deteriorate over time. As a result you may have to deal with leaks, breaks, and root invasion. So if your main drainage pipe face a tiny problem it can cause larger issues with your front yard filling up with water, and maybe bad smells in your basement. Therefore, if you are noticing and potential issues call Crystal Drain & Plumbing to get your drain inspected with a camera inspection.

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