Power Flushing Services

Power flushing is a great tool to ensure clean water running of your drains. Crystal Drain & Plumbing  providing power flushing services by using the Rigid KJ-3100 Jetter to clear your drain lines. Hair, grease, oil and other gunk can get trapped in your drains past areas that can be easily snaked. When there are stubborn instances of clogged drains some times the best thing to do is to use high pressure water to clear it. Power Flushing or in some cases called hydroscrubbing is a quick way to ensure your drains run smoothly.

Our team will determine the best nozzle and pressure to ensure that all of the debris causing your drain blockage is clear and your drain is running as new. If you are experiencing drain issues contact Crystal Drain & Plumbing today and our team of experts will come out and utilize the best tool for the job.

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