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Signs of Sewer Backup

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A sewer backup is one of the worst things you would want to have happened in your house. It causes a mess, releases an awful stench, and costs you a lot to have it fixed up. Blocked pipes affect everything in your house that has to do with water. The laundry to showering to cooking and doing the dishes, you need it to be working.

Hence, being able to recognize the signs of a sewer backup is important, and can save you from a huge headache. If you still have a doubt over the issue of having a sewer backup, here is an analogy to consider, the main line being the trunk, and the lines running through your house being the branches. Having a clog in the branches is fine since the problem is fixed to that area, however, if the trunk is clogged. You will have issues popping all over the branches as well. Yet, it isn’t to say you should ignore problems occurring in the ‘branches’, because ignoring both situations is not a good idea. Either way, we are here to help, and here are some things to look out for to prevent a future sewer backup.

1 – Having Several Drains Clogged

A single drain getting clogged isn’t something to fear, since it can happen occasionally. Grease, hair, and toilet paper are the usual suspects in these cases. Drains clog easily and are easily fixable. However, it is serious when two or more drains clog, and is a sign of a problem that needs addressing quickly. Plus, if the drains are ones that you do not use on a daily basis, such as guest bathroom showers, that hints at a huge problem.

2 – Water backs up in other drains

One particular sign to look out for is the when you use your plumbing, is there is a water backup elsewhere, it is a rather obvious sign of sewer backup. Upon flushing the toilet, and you hear gurgling through other drains, such as the tub or shower. It is an indication of water being blocked by a clog and is looking for another way through. You might also notice this when you are using the washing machine, and there is water bubbling in the toilets.

3 – The Presence of Bubbles In Drains

When you flush water down any drain, if there is a clog, the trapped air is what causes bubbles. However, you need to confirm if this a one time issue, or a long-term concern. This can happen by filling up your sink, shower, and watching it drains to see the presence of bubbles.

#4 Toilets are not flushing like they used to

One of the more common signs of your sewer being backed up is issues with your toilet. The toilet not flushing as it has been doing? The plunger not fixing it? It is a sign of a possible sewer issue. However, do not confuse the bubbles that appear after you plunge the toilet. If even after you plunged well, and the problem persists, that hints at a larger issue beyond the toilet itself.

In conclusion, these are some of the signs to look out for when trying to detect a sewer backup. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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