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What is a Sump Pump?

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sump pump is a pump located in your basement or crawlspace with the purpose of removing excess water (rain or ground) from entering your home. Most sump pumps are usually installed in sump pits (or sump basins) which are dug underneath the concrete floor. 

We have a great deal of experience in both house lifts and underpinning. These services will allow us to help maximize the area of your house and truly utilize your basement space. We have the experience to deal with challenging conditions, so we can help you add space and value to your basement areas.  In addition, underpinning is a complicated and multi-part project. Also, it involves supporting and excavating underneath your’s basement walls in order to extend the depth of the basement floor. We can provide good sump pump services to you.

How We Can Help

Aside from installing the sump pump, we can also help you inspect your pump annually. We will:
  • Check to see if pump and switches are running smoothly
  • Clear debris and obstructions
  • Test battery back-up pump
  • Check alarm’s battery
  • Conduct a flood test
  • Check discharge line for clogs

Once your sump pump is up and running properly, you won’t have to think about it until an emergency happens!

How Can We Help?

Contact us if you want professional help with the Sump Pump